The Nason Family Tree
The Nason Family Tree

This is what makes up the Jack Burk Nason Family.  
That’s me on the far left:

Jack Burk Nason
Vivien (Pooley, Burns) Nason
Heather Denise Burns
Brandon Burk Nason
Kaitlin Marie Nason
Tara Marie Nason

The photo was taken in June of 2006 when we were all on vacation in Cabo, Mexico to celebrate my 60th .

I was approximately 40 (1986) when I was talking to my Grandmother Nason and I asked,
Did Grandpa have any brothers or sisters?”    To my surprise the response was “Yes.”
“George has 4 sisters and 7 brothers.

I was shocked!    You see both of my parents had no siblings and they were not into family stuff.     From that point on I felt a duty to document my Family Tree before known information was lost forever to time.  

I will be passing the Family Tree Documentation to my son, Brandon Burk Nason.

Jack B. Nason  

5021  South Paseo de Tronco
Green Valley, Arizona  85622520-625-5021

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The following is a summary of the Family Tree Surnames that I have collected data on.   The focus has been on the Nason and Burk family trees.  

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I am not a certified genealogist by any means.    
I beleive in sharing Family Tree data.
Family Trees
What is in this website for you? 

Well, I'm hoping that there is an exchange of information that should result in expanding the data as well as validating the information.  

I'm also looking for information and there has to be someone out there that can help me.
A very short summary is provided to illustrate that there were at least three independent Nasons that entered the United States:

In 1627 near Kittery, Maine (My Family Tree)

In 1801 in Charleston, South Carolina.
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In 1908  came in through Ellis Island.
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The Nason Family Tree
The Nason Family Tree
I just collect data, assemble it and present it.